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NYC // DAY 9

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För er som hellre läser på svenska.1. Daniel at Nicolas Waking up on the Friday feels like being run over by a train. TOO MUCH FUN. The obligations of being tourist pulls us out of bed though. 3. bros bw Nicolas refuses, he’s had too much and jealous we say good bye and head out to go see the Statue of Liberty. 4. Pizza We don’t get too far though. More precisely just down the street. 6. Daniel bw But we are pretty happy anyways. 7. Dnaiel pizza Because we get $1 pizzas that we eat in the air of the spinning fan by the greasy windows. Then we walk back down the street to Nicolas’ flat. 9 brs 7. Bros Who needs the stupid statue of liberty when you’ve got this pair of twins huh? 10 Daniel After a good few hours of pulling ourselves together we head out for what seemed the only solution to our tired bodies: a bar. This one is called the Narrows and is located in the hipster heart of Bushwick with a fantastic back garden and a fine selection of whiskeys. 11 Nicolas We are tempted to go for a shot and a beer for $6 but 4pm feels a bit too early for that. By this point we have pretty much recovered, so the sad faces are probably more due to my constantly taking photos. 30 linn nicolas Me and Nicolas. We stay in the empty back garden for a few drinks and then head off again. 13 Dniel bw 14 Daniel All white everything. He’s a pretty great boyfriend this one. 15 Robertas Nicolas takes us to the restaurant I think everybody we asked for recommendations in NYC mentioned: the pizza restaurant Roberta’s. It’s simple and rustic and feels like your in a countryside shed in Mexico. 16 Robertas We are lucky enough to get as the hostess gets us seated straight away, and in the patio area. Usually the queue can be several hours. 17 Nicolas Nicolas. We order more beers and the second pizzas for today. This time they’re oven baked. 18 Daniel And they sure are heaven. What a wicked place! Go there! 19 Brosbros bw With these brothers I then jump on the subway and head in to lower east side and their friends’ flat. Five million wooden stairs later and we are up on their rooftop with eight other friends. Oh dear, the whole world is beneath us. 24 rooftop It’s everything I imagined NYC would be like. A bunch of handsome, young creative people trying to make it big in NYC, eating pizza and smoking on a rooftop in a 30degree heat. 30 But it is no serious business up there, only downing tons of beer. We keep getting texts from Deeva, who orders us to hurry up and come meet up with her, so around midnight we take off. 31 twin towers We walk past this on the way. As it is the tragic anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre, 88 searchlights are placed on ground zero to replicate the twin towers as a tribute to all lives lost. It makes my heart cramp up and I choke. 26 rooftop A taxi drive later we are at a second rooftop at the Jane. 28 Deeva And there is lovely Deeva who used to live in Daniel’s old mansion by Spitalfield’s Market. 27 jane hotel Her boyfriend and her sister are there too, and we spend the whole Friday night catching up on future plans, events and crises. Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.25.06Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 00.56.59 Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 00.57.09 Unfortunately the ATL twins are there too, probably just to piss me off. I refuse to take a picture of them as they just suck and basically hate women, if it doesn’t involve fucking them. Which again to them is a way to show their hate as women are just props for pure pleasure. PISSES ME OFF! And they are still portrayed as brilliant thugs who are just having fun, being cool. SIGH.     Anyways, we ignore them and have a pretty amazing night. Nicolas continues out, meeting girls with tattoos whilst we get in seven people a tiny car with Deeva. She drives us through Manhattan and over the pink Williamsburg Bridge and back to Bushwick. All Fridays should involve this many rooftops, pizzas and late night drives through Manhattan.   Linn   follow me on bloglovin & on twitter: linn_wiberg

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