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After having slept the fever away for a while, we got dressed and took the bus up to Haggerston and Sebastian’s crib. I just knew it was a bad idea, getting drunk with a fever, but sometimes it’s not that easy to resist a bit of young stupidity. After all, we had tickets to go see Brodinski and Gesaffelstein! 13 kate seb His girlfriend Kate was there, telling me stories of her being a runaway bride and getting tattooed in a Buddhist temple at the top of a mountain. 9 Daniel As we downed one glass of whiskey ginger ale after the other, the music got louder and messier. Dirty electronic tunes and finishing off with too many Diplo songs and suddenly it was time to leave. 2 Daniel Tweking And it happened again! Daniel turned diplo video. 1 daniel twerking These boys. 4 Underground5 Underground A bus up to Highbury & Islington talking about my hellish job as a nanny and then Victoria line all the way down to most southern parts of London. 8 seb Van Der Kock in the queue. 3 Daniel and Seb Fire Boys. 6 Finally inside we took turn buying too many rounds and trying to squeeze in to the front and the other parts of the venue. Like a 90’s rave with what felt like thousands of youths high on various drugs dancing to electronic beats. Hours of insanity and sweaty dancing followed. 5 Fire Brodinski went on and we struggled to hear anything as it was so packed that I literally couldn’t breathe. Escaping outside was the only solution and by this point the only thing I could think of was the discotheque fire in Gothenburg -98. Some of us being to drunk we gave the club the finger and decided to leave. 500 000 buses later, we had noodles in bed.   Linn


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3 Millenium Bridge A grey Saturday when Daniel’s parents were here we went down to my favourite tourist locations in London. St Paul and the most amazing Millennium Bridge from the Half-Blood Prince. 1 Tate We were on our way here, to the modern art museum Tate Modern. I wish I could live in this remade factory filled with breathtaking art. 5 Birch 2 Birch There you can also pretend you’re in Sweden for a while. 4 daniel tateb Daniel. 9 tate These pieces by Giuseppe Penone where insane. He had used rough beams and following the core branches and lines he carved out what the tree actually looked like at one point. <3 10 tate 13 tate Lovely everyday photos from the 50’s. 11 tate Lorna Simpson. 19 America tate Gonna buy this one for our flat! America & black & neon! 12 taTE Jannis Kounellis. 14 tate And then the wicked propaganda street posters of the Russian and Soviet revolution. 15 tate And this feminist poster! Can’t remember what it says apart from something powerful, does anybody speak russian? 16 tate The graphic design. <3 20 Borough market After a couple of hours we headed down to Borough Market. 6 Borough market An ancient food market in grand filled with organic goods and delicious food. 7 Borough market daniel Daniel. 8 Borough market We bought coffee in paper cups, eating pulled pork sandwiches and organic smoothies. At that point my fever was sky-high and as we had great plans for the night, we took the double decker back east where I passed out instantly.   Linn  


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1 ballonger Last night our usually cold house was steaming hot from all my friends crammed together to celebrate my birthday. 35 of my finest people getting drunk in our living room, sitting on the kitchen counter, fighting about what music should be played and drinking champagne in our fairy lit patio. Our already worn down floors got even dirtier and it was all over too quickly. Today Daniel and I haven’t left bed all day, apart from when the Chinese take out was delivered. Among chopsticks, cupcakes and coke cans we lie, focusing on breathing as the daylight moves across the houses and fade to a still night.   I FUCKING LOVE HOUSE PARTIES. And take out.   Linn

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