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För er som hellre läser på svenska. 1 Daniel Hotdogs2 Daniel hotdogs BW Monday and our last day in Toronto. We stay in for pretty much the whole day, drinking coffee with the parents, talking to their grandma and cuddling with the cat (whom they actually keep in a leash as it fights too often with the racoon?). Late we leave the house and start off with buying massive Canadian hotdogs. Credit to the one who came up with the brilliant idea of having a whole buffé of condiments with it. <3 3 The Beach We take the street car to the Beaches and lake Ontario. It’s well pretty and I try to convince Daniel to go swimming, but it doesn’t happen and he says it’s poisonous or something. Instead we head back home again, after buying a thank you gift to his parents. Back home they have made crepes for us, to finish our trip off as French as possible, and we have a true family dinner before leaving. 6. last night in toronto It’s a teary goodbye to their parents as we are dropped off at Unlovable, a bar Nicolas used to dj at. Nicolas and Daniel’s friends are all gathered in there to say a proper goodbye to the twins. 4. Danielle We have a few beers as the group keeps expanding and filling the bar up. At eleven we have to leave all these wicked people behind and head to the bus which will take us back to NYC. It feels sad for some reason, leaving these people I barely know and a city that is all so new to me. I tell Daniel I could’ve stayed here for a lot longer, and I think it makes him happy. Luckily we are barely half way through our whole trip and the thought of another six days in NYC is a pretty great comfort.   Linn  


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För er som hellre läser på svenska. Sunday and Daniel jumps out of bed in panic as he hears Nicolas coming home from a late night adventure yelling: ARE YOU GUYS WATCHING THE MATCH YET?! 1. Flat Iron Building Arsenal is playing and we’ve slept for four hours. The two of them join Jason in the sofa and as we have breakfast the cheering and roaring is never ending. Thankfully they win and me and Daniel head down town for a couple of hours of sight seeing or something. 2 We walk from one part of town to the other, just talking and eating cheap pizza on the go. Being on holiday sure is amazing. We come to the Distillery District with tons of old brick buildings which reminds me of lovely London. 3 Daniel My tour guide. We grab some ice coffees and walk along skyscrapers and old fire stations, breakfast places he likes and areas he’d want to live in. Knackered from last night I just can’t walk any further so we hop on one of the lovely old street cars. 4. Rooftop We get off to meet up with Nicolas and Claire and then head over to Jess’ place, as she is making us dinner! She orders us to head straight up the stairs to her roof terrace, and it is breath taking. Jared is there too. 6. Rooftop With his beaut of a girlfriend: Olivia. Ps look at the divine dinner Jess made. rooftop What a roof, seriously. And as September doesn’t mean autumn in North America it’s all hot and humid as the sun sets. 8 Daniel rooftop Daniel sorts out the cutlery. 9 Rooftop dinner Candles lit, cans cracked open and sun set, so we all dig in. HEAVEN. As we eat Jess plays us music and they talk about TIFF and how they know each other. 10 Nicolas As the plates empties and the rain starts falling we head inside to the flat to drink some whiskey. 11. Jesses Probably discussing Miley Cyrus at the VMA, when it was still new you know.   12 Jared Jared. 13 Jesses We take turns playing music videos on the tv and I get punished and made fun of for liking the new AVICCI song, as apparently only Swedes like it. They show me the video for it and I am horrified, it truly is awful. 15 Kisse We play with the gorgeous cat Princess / Miau Miau. Otherwise we just talk about Mark’s new film and what a good band/brand name Slut Shame is, as more people keep dropping in. 14 Jess Jess in her dreamy window. As the alcohol disappears the room gets noisier and noisier, like a perfect sunday night should. 16 17 Around one it’s time to head back home. We say massive thanks to the wonderful friend Jess is and start the endless walk again. 18 pizza pizza First some pizza though. 19 20 Nicolas Luckily, this time we get on a bus and it takes us less than an hour before we are back in their house again. Great sunday indeed.   Linn  


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För er som hellre läser på svenska. 1. Daniel We wake up a bit too early for a late night out, being hungover and happy. 3. Pilaprats 4. Pilaprats These brothers <3 2. Pilaprats We go through what actually happened last night as Daniel’s sort out his old room. It is filled with Daniel’s amazing artwork from -91 as well as old pornos from his early teens. I mean seriously. The girls were all so covered up and real that it seemed so innocent compared to today. They told me stories of the shame when they actually went to buy them. Hilarious. Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 16.51.44 After having scrambled eggs and bacon with the family their mum sat me down to show me these two twins as babies. It is a mandatory activity while staying with your boyfriend’s family for the first time, and for a good reason too! Adorable, and the outfits and haircuts were wicked. 13 Krane pop up Late in the afternoon we head down town to the Krane pop up shop. 1. Krane Krane is a brand owned by their friend Ken who produces the most detailed, handmade bags and clothing (the jackets are just heaven), which these twins used to model for. 6. Daniel at Krane Daniel. 7. Nicolas at Krane Nicolas. 8. Krane After drooling over a bunch of stuff, like this backpack but in canvas with suede lining(!), Jason buys an impeccable jacket. 9. krane And Ken gets the bar going. 10 Krane Claire Claire. 11 Nicolas KRane Nicolas. 12 ken The talented Ken himself. 14 backpack After a couple of beers, Ken gives me the duffel bag I wanted for free and we say thanks and bye and head out on the streets. This is Daniel’s new back pack! 16 Danielle This babe joins us. 15 daniel Daniel. 17 Twins 18 Twins Bros discussing what to do for dinner. 19 Sushi island They all decide to bring me to Sushi Island where there is all you can eat sushi for $12! The food just keep on coming and it is absolutely delicious. After uncountable rounds of ordering more we are stuffed. 21 danielle bw Danielle. birthday We then grab some coffees to get out of the food coma while walking to a friend’s place for a few drinks. A couple of hours later we go to Bambi’s, where we are gonna celebrate Claire’s birthday. Here is a lovely iphone picture of the siblings and Jess, their ever so cool friend. It is a basement bar hidden from the rest of the world, full with dark corners and brick walls. The dj is squished in a corner and you buy beers just in cans. There are several power failures when the already badly lit place turns pitch black to the sound of the crowd screaming. Drinks get spilled all over and people just dance dance dance. 22 Then we are out on the streets again, heading over to what they tell me is a typical Canadian house party. It is packed outside as well as inside and Jess and I steal alcohol from the freezer. Once more I’m introduced to a bunch of people I will never remember. 23 Twins 25 26 Out on the streets again, heading to house party number two. There I don’t know what happens but it is fun. Some people do terrify me by being the loudest north americans my Scandinavian self was dreading before going. I hide and Nicolas and Daniel laugh at me. Around four it is more than time to go home. 24 diner First Jess, Daniel and I head to a 24/7 diner I had heard so much about. It is insane how busy a place can be this late at night. We order poutine which looks like sick and taste pretty similar. Finishing up, dying for a bed, Daniel comes up for the brilliant idea of walking instead of waiting for the bus. It takes
us more than two endless hours and I’m about to start crying. My whole body is aching and the streets are damp and foggy of the morning when we finally get home. It’s seven and the family is about to get up so we quickly dive into bed, unconscious and relieved.     Linn

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