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1 bethnal green Saturday evening and we go down the tube to, for once, head out of east London. 2 bethnal green Daniel has got big plans for us. 3 le mercury And we start off by getting of in Angel to go to the French restaurant Le Mercury, which is the most picturesque and romantic little hideaway on Upper Street. 5 le mercury daniel It’s tiny and packed, with candles on the tables and a divine menu. But the best thing is that you get the most amazing food for £4.45/starter, £9.95/main and £3.45/dessert. Yes, we are cheap! 4 le mercury duck We share carpaccio for starters, as proper yucky couples do and then get the duck. MMMMM. After paying we head out on the busy streets of Angel and up to Camden, because Daniel has got us press tickets to see HAIM! Unfortunately the queue at the Roundhouse is somehow eternal, laid out like a long tail going along the whole of Camden. As the press tickets are only valid if there is enough space we’d have to wait for over an hour. Instead we say fuck it, HAIM is not party music anyways (and now I will have 200 people online stabbing me). 12 boys13 boys Instead we get each other drunk at the Lock Tavern before heading back east to meet up with this young man, our Seb. 6 Jimmy Four floors up in a dreamy flat on Old Street we find Jimmy, the cherub, at a house party. 10 dance11 And a dancing Marlowe. 9b It was supposed to only be predrinks to then go to the Macbeth to celebrate Maria’s birthday at the DRAKE-night. A whole night with only his music, which sure sounds divine. Unfortunately the rest of London agrees and due to overcapacity we are denied entry. 8 Daniel Seb Instead we head back to the house party. 7 dance The flat quickly fill up and we dance dirty until late late. Especially to this baby and this. 17 To the sound of Diplo and generally dirty music, people smoke in the windows, drink gin from coffee mugs and chat up their prey of the night. Some boys fall asleep in some corner while others do coke in the bathroom. 13 Hours pass and the sense of time with that. It’s dirty, dumb and freeing, which London does so well.   Linn


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Photo on 07-11-2013 at 14.40 #2 Photo on 07-11-2013 at 14.40 #4Photo on 07-11-2013 at 14.45 #2 bomber & cashmere sweater: Magaschoni / suede trousers: Weekday / sneakers: Adidas   So, I’m off to my nanny duties again. I used to love being a nanny, but this little girl I’m taking care of is proper cruel. Five years and a true bully. Favourite events so far: – “My parents give me whatever I want so you better listen.”“I’m gonna rip your baby hole open”, when we were playing pirates. – When she peed on the floor yesterday. – “My favourite food is sushi. But only from Sushi Samba, obviously.” – When she rolls her eyes at me every three minutes. – “DON’T SPEAK TO MEEEE!”   So here comes three hours of dying inside, and I’m dressed in black, mourning my own soul. £10 is so not covering this.   Linn

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