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Photo on 24-09-2013 at 11.29 #2Photo on 24-09-2013 at 11.25Photo on 24-09-2013 at 11.27 Photo on 24-09-2013 at 11.45 Photo on 24-09-2013 at 11.28 I’m basically boycotting freshers week at uni. I went to an Ghost Signs tour around London yesterday, which meant walking down small alleys finding old, hand painted ads from the 30’s. It was wicked! But it was also way too awkward and people tried to make small talk, asking me weird questions and all of them actually thought I was 18. Jesus, I can’t do that. I promised I wouldn’t go through it again, but today it’s a fanzine fair at LCC and that is just too tempting. Today I’m also so wearing headphones, staying in the background though. I’m planning on making them senior students cry, especially all the boys, and look for some kickass feminists, hopefully hip hopers. I am slightly doubtful though.   Linn  

NYC // DAY 3

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För er som hellre läser på svenska. 1 Little Skips Monday and day three in NYC. We wake up to and empty flat as Nicolas is working. Slowly slowly we turn around in bed, enjoying the breeze from the fan which is the only cure to the constant stickiness in this 30 degrees heat. Dressed we walk down to Little Skips, the quirky cafe around the corner. 2 Crisp sandwich We odrder ham and apple sandwiches with lots of crisp + an ice coffee. Just another healthy American breakfast. 3 Daniel at ls Daniel as we eat and plan our day. 5 NYC We decide to be super touristy and go down to 5th Avenue and walk walk walk. 4 Street vendors Having some overpriced smoothies from a street vendor. 6 NYC Skyscrapers, yellow taxis, american flags. 7 Park8 Park It is pretty but baking hot. I’m talking no oxygen left on this planet kind of hot, and my new shoes feels like they are actually some devil creation eating me, and there are tourists everywhere apart from untrustworthy people trying to rip these tourists off. And I am awful at being a touristy tourist doing touristy stuff for the sake of doing them. Therefore I curse Seb (still love you though) for recommending this stupid thing while we keep on walking. Thankfully Daniel is great company! 9 Times Square Eventually we get to Times Square, and it is pretty insane. Commercialism at its peak and I feel like I’m stuck in a flashing, beeping, fanatic arcade game. I mean, people are seriously dressed as robots and minnie mouse and what not. Surprisingly enough I kind of love it. 10 Times Square Wow, this is so touristy. Me at Times Square, who would’ve thought. 11 Times Square12 Times Square After an endless walk, filled with people hustling, trying to sell us shit we don’t need and the heat frying our brains, we finally arrive. 14 Central Park To Central Park with its endless rows of trees competing with the skyscrapers and it felt like heaven! 15 Central Park We want to walk around, see it all, but by this point we are knackered. The stupid and touristy 5th Avenue walk has taken almost three hours and doing this walk being hot and hungover is a terrible combination. Instead we just sit down by the pond for a bit, catching our breaths. After a little while we say whatever, after all it is just a park so fuck this and let’s go back to Brooklyn. 16 Bushwick Ave Back in Bushwick we buy some more ice coffee and fruit salad by the station to then collapse down on Nicolas’s bed. 17 Bushwick When he gets home from work we update him on our touristy day and he laughs at us, but kindly offers to take us out for a pretty amazing dinner instead. By dusk we go down lovely Troutman Street were all trees are covered in hanging toys. 1819 Until we get to the Venezuelan restaurant GUACUCO were we have delicious arepas and ice cold beer. It sure is a great dinner, and exactly what we need. After all, you can say what you want about baking hot days, but at least they bring the perfect nights were there is no need to even think about wearing tights or bringing a jumper.   Linn

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