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6 Saturday and Sabouné and Stenberg drags me out of bed and we walk down the sunny Hackney Rd for an early expedition to the Kilo Vintage Sale by Bethnal Green. There is balloons and bunting and tons of crappy clothes. 7 We bumped into Emma and Lovisa who are way more talented when it comes to digging up gems. Me and the boys gave up pretty quickly, let’s say after seven minutes, so we told the girls we’d go and grab a table for all of us at Cafe 338. 4 emma Emma. After having queued for about twenty minutes we were seated in the corner and started off by ordering buttery toast and lots of coffee. 1 338 And before we knew it, the heart attack food arrived. So stupidly tasty after a night out. The most brilliant thing about this place is that for £4.20 you get both savoury stuff AND american pancakes with fruit, plus a heavenly coffee. 2 Daniel Stuffed we headed back out on the streets. Miss hanging out with this lovely young man! 3 Together we headed down Brick Lane, talking about saris and Christmas presents. 9 At this tiny little antique shop I found this breathtaking treasure. It was like the angels sang from graphic design heaven when I opened the cupboard to find these old and dusty books with curly typefaces and magical prints. SO PRETTY. There just has to be hidden spells and love notes in there. 8 Me and Sabouné stood there drooling forever, stroking the covers and flicking through the parchment pages. Unfortunately Brick Lane seem to believe it’s the new Mayfair and you had to pay £30 for EACH BOOK. I felt my Harry Potter dreams smash against the dusty floor of the shop as I furiously put them back in the cupboard again, feeling more poor than ever. 10 Sabouné got a great idea though and me, him and Stenberg went to the newly opened chocolatier around the corner for some comfort eating. It so helped. 11 <3 12 Having spent a few more hours scavenging through on dreamy shop after another around Shoreditch somebody came up with the brilliant idea of finishing the day with some glögg (Swedish mulled wine). 14 So we all walked up to Haggerston in the biting cold, to Stenberg’s cosy flat where the walls are crammed with paintings, especially of foxes. 14 lovisa There we took turns playing our favourite tunes of 2013, sipping steaming hot glögg while devouring all the gems of the app of the year: vine. Slightly tipsy and all warmed up again after a few hours it was time for me to go pick up my little sister Moa at the bus stop!   Linn


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1 After my being a hip hop queen I then headed out for my blind date with Hanna. She had the whole thing planned out for us and was gonna take me to Hawker House. This she described as “a hipster heaven in a old warehouse with brick walls and fairy lights. It’s filled with lots of pretentious advertising people and young east londoners. And you can even have LOBSTER ROLLS, like Niotillfem!!!!”. By then I knew I would love her. 2 Hanna Brager So we met up and it was just as she described it, but she was even cooler than I had imagined. 3 Hanna Brager And we ordered expensive whiskey drinks for money we didn’t have, and then just talked endlessly. About London and boyfriends, brittish people and posh mums in Acne jackets, and weird jobs like painting faces on dolls (which this lady did the whole summer). 6 As the night climbed over us we went to the different stalls around the rooms, searching for what to eat. 4 Fairy lights. <3 8 We got some pasta and crazy ass pork buns which must be god’s gift to mankind. Then we took our little paper plates and climbed up to the small terraces and sat down on the floor feeling like nine year olds in a treehouse. 7 whiskey There we sat, looking down at the beautiful whisky bar with its bearded clientele and continued telling each other stories, discussing feminism and boys being dick heads. 9 Lobster Rolls Suddenly over three hours had passed and having spent more money than we could afford we said bye to the expensive lobster rolls and to the lovely Hawker House and headed out. 10 Bye! 11 Like true thugs we picked up some cans from the off licence and walked the christmas lit streets of east London. By London Fields we took a bus all the way up to Dalston. 14 There Ornella and Daria were having drinks in an empty and quiet bar, just like a 40 year old couple. 13 I didn’t like it at all, so I ate my sweets and shut up. 12 ornie Until a little later we met up with Dee and some other girls and went to Birthdays to get down to some hiphop the rest of the night. <3 And that was the end of my friend date night with Hanna, and I LOVED IT. So hopefully you’ll see a lot more of that girl on here.   Linn  


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1 2 A Christmas night just before I left for Kenya when the fog was so heavy that it laid its breath thick over the whole city, making it impossible to even see the end of the streets. FOG The following day looked like this through my iPhone and was just absolutely breathtakingly magical.   Linn follow me on instagram : linnwiberg