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För er som hellre läser på svenska. 1 the lexington Last night, after having worked until late with uni stuff (so intense and so much fun) me and Daniel went to the Lexington in Angel. 3. LEXINTGONT It’s like a small palace inside. 2. ANDREAS PHILIP Where these guys greeted us. Andreas and Filip from the wicked post-punk band Holograms. We caught up quickly since we hadn’t seen them since they last played in London. They told us the story of when they hung out with Daniel’s twin brother in Toronto and how that was the weirdest experience ever as they’re identical. 4. setting up Then it was their turn to set up in the intimate venue. 6. anton spetze Mr Anton Spetze. 8. andreas Then they started and it’s like an arctic funeral with tons of poetic aggression. The new album Forever was even better live than I could have imagined. Flesh & Bone, Lay Us Down and Meditiation. <3 8. boots And the crowd just went crazy; singing, screaming and getting rowdy in the mosh pit. Girls jumping up on stage with their disposable cameras and then stage diving! Punk girls sure are something special. 9. Holograms 9. holohtm As true punk boys there was some smashing amps, throwing microphones and climbing up the walls (look at the lunatic Filip on the second photo). I was spellbound. 10. set list It was over too soon and the fans were moaning and craving MORE, even though they played a lot of songs. This is the set list a boy knicked from stage when they where finished. 11. anton As the crowd slowly left, the members dared coming back out and we hugged their sweaty bodies to congratulate. Drunk on beer and adrenaline they signed vinyls and t-shirts for the star struck fans who had stuck around. Even I got to sign a record, mostly for also being Swedish but also for being the Holograms hotel. The boys then showered me in gifts before taking the tour bus back to my flat. Three vinyls, two t-shirts and two Hologram badges. Amazing. After being told you’re the best host ever and again thank you so much for letting us crash here every time we all passed out scattered around the flat.   Linn check out Holograms website and like them on Facebook follow me on bloglovin


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My boys from HOLOGRAMS are in town and as always staying at my place. The lovely boys are taking up every single space in the house with tons of bags and instruments and everything now smells of sweaty leather jackets. I give them housing and they pay me with love and music. It’s pretty great.   Linn


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För er som hellre läser på svenska. Photo on 25-09-2013 at 17.27 #3 Photo on 25-09-2013 at 17.28 – Daniel’s parents are here. I am being a good girlfriend. – Uni is tough. Ridiculously interesting and fun, but oh, how immature and unreliable some fellow students are. We are working in groups and it is more or less killing me. – Arguing in English is also not my forte. See previous statement. – Three weeks in and I’ve made a good five friends. Not bad. Still working on finding more wicked girls though. – Autumn is here, which means a lot of whiskey, and asthma. – I’ve found a hairdresser who cuts my hair for £10. They cut Elle Fanning’s hair once too. Probably a lie. – I am no longer unemployed but instead a nanny for a 5-year old. She teaches me english, I teach her feminism and how to fight bullies. We also draw a lot. – Tonight we are going to see Gesaffelstein and Brodinski dj in Vauxhall. – Still madly in love with London.   Linn follow me on bloglovin  

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