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About me

Here I share my personal style, sport tips, travel adventures and more. Excited to share with you !

“Anything’s possible
if you’ve got enough nerve.”

J.K. Rowling


Hello! I’m Linn Wiberg, the 5th member of ABBA currently located in the ugly but lovely city of London. I tend to write myself out of trouble, or more correctly I write about my getting into trouble.

In this unruly part of cyberspace I take you on my journeys to places far away or quite literally around the corner (my bank account hates me because I travel too much). But also my journey through that scarily ephemeral and still endless headache that is your 20s.

This lifestyle blog started in 2011 when I listened to that naive teenage heart of mine and moved to London. A terrible idea I’ll be forever grateful for. From being an outlet for documenting mischief my blog has grown into a source of inspiration for young women to follow their dreams and not succumb to the norms around them.

Hope you want to tag along! I mean, if you haven’t closed this tab yet, chances are we might get along pretty damn well.



Nominated ​for ​Collaboration ​of ​the Year ​in Stora Influencerpriset ​2017 (the industry ​award ​for ​influencers ​in Sweden)
Interviews – Bon / Metro Mode / London Swedes / WishesOfWanderlust

I like cool things and kind people which is why I regularly collaborate with brands I love. If you are one of them shoot me a message here. You can also check out my previous collaborations or my portfolio if you want to find out more.



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