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About me

“Anything’s possible
if you’ve got enough nerve.”

J.K. Rowling


Hello! I’m Linn Wiberg. I tend to write myself out of trouble, or more correctly I write about my getting into trouble. In this unruly part of cyberspace I will take you on my journeys to places nearby and afar. But also my journey through my 20s, how to write that novel I’m dreaming about and the quest on finding the best rooftops.

In 2011, I started this lifestyle blog when I followed my biggest teen dream and moved to London. It grew from stories of mischief into a source of inspiration for young women to follow their own dreams.


My bank account hates me because I travel too much. Since gracing the world with my presence in 1991 I have lived in four different countries; Sweden, Kenya, Spain & the UK. My bets are on that the list keeping on getting longer. Not continuing to see the world would be out of character.

I love collaborating so if you’ve got some thoughts, shoot me a message here. You can also check out my previous collaborations or my portfolio if you want to find out more.